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im and Oi were introduced to Bible doctrine when Max Klein began teaching in Chiangmai, Thailand. Not long after Tim also began learning Greek, Hebrew and History with Max, and also took on the role of translating and printing materials into the Thai language. In 2006 Tim was accepted as a missionary to Operation Grace World Ministries, and has since continued to work closely with Max in disseminating Bible doctrine to interested believers throughout Thailand, the Philippines and more recently India, emphasising the grace messages of salvation and the post-salvation spiritual life which God has made available to all who are willing to learn (1 Timothy 2:3-4).


Religion permeates the culture at every level throughout almost every Asian nation, with all religions and sects sharing the same common goal: that man's entry into heaven depends entirely on his own efforts, based upon a system of personal merit. Even within most Christian churches the concept of 'Faith alone, in Christ alone' is seldom understood, and most churches also perpetuate the notion that the Christian life is some form of emotionalism and/or religious ritualism.

Despite these 'obstacles' to God's grace, there are always individuals and even groups of people who are positive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Bible doctrine, those who are willing to undergo the mental rigors of strict academic discipline required for consistent inculcation of Bible doctrine into the soul. As the Lord presents these opportunities to us we use both the spiritual and material resources He has given to us to provide these believers with the means to fulfill the command to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).

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Methods and Means

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Our goal for the ministry is to establish a permanent means by which the Word of God may be perpetuated in the Asian region.

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Contact Tim and Oi directly: sawokproductions@gmail.com

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